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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

CELEBRITY ARCHIVE p1: Comments left in the VISITORS' BOOK by the richest and the famous, the bitches and the infamous.

Pope Benedict XVI, July 12th 2008

I visit your site every morning before mass Payton. Hey,

m...m..mayte, where can I get some corks for this lame hat when

I'm in Australia? I want to look like you. VEE HARV VAYS OV



Dame Edna
(visiting every day)
"Oh Payton possum! I adore you, you luscious animal you. This website, Fool's Paradise, is obviously a cry for help, and I want to help you. You don't fool me though - you are a sheep in a koala's clothing. Maybe your problems have a simple remedy: a gladdy stuck up your schnauzer, but I mean that in a most loving and tender way. And yes, naturally I am a bit envious of your brilliance."


"Payton! Why don't you ansa the buddy fone mayt? Anyhow, I luv ya site, yor like me, self defecating, and that's good, rite? Look, any chance you could visit me and Laura for Christmas befour I leeve offus? It'll be jelly beens four us has beens, whatdya say?"

President George W. Bush, May 31st 2008


Chinese President Hu Jintao

"Aahhhh sorrrr!"

25th May 2008


The Dalai Lama

10th May 2008:

"Hee hee, hee hee hee, hee hee! Hee hee hee, hee hee hee, hee hee! There's something, how-to-say, seriously wrong with you Payton, how-to-say, L. Inkletter, hee hee!" ... "Boo! Kneedeep! Hee hee!"


"Bullshit! You're full of bullshit Inkletter! Bullshit left, bullshit right, bullshit top, bullshit centre, bullshit bottom, bullshit in front, bullshit behind, bullshit in the mirror, bullshit past, bullshit present, bullshit future, bullshit bullshit! I've never encountered so much bullshit away from the bovine backside, apart from when I signed John Howard’s farewell and thank you card late last year. If this site was a fertilizer factory, I’d get my wife to buy shares.” The Hon. Tony Abbott, former Australian Health Minister, 7th May 2008.

“Oh, and that story you spread last year, you know, about me being sent to the moon for three weeks during the election campaign, to get me out of the public view – just more of your true to form unadulterated bullshit, and you know it, Mr Payton L. Bullshitter.”


“Grow up Inkletter! Oi don’t find you funny, never did, never will. And for what it’s worth, that election campaign pledge, you know, the one about giving every Australian household two hardcover copies of ‘Fool’s Paradise’: it was never a core promise, so up yours!” Former Prime Minister of Australia, the Rt Hon. John Winston Howard, 15th April 2008.


“Loved ya muffins Payton! Can hardly wait till the next batch baby!” Natalie Imbruglia, 1st April 2008.

1 comment:

Gladys Hobson said...

What it is to be famous! Simple folk like me have to be polite.